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Recover Lost & Deleted Videos from Digital Camera

AVI Video Recovery

Recovers Deleted & Lost Videos from Digital Camera.

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System Requirement

Processor : Pentium Class

Operating System : Latest Windows and Mac

Memory : Minimum 256 MB (512 MB recommended)

Hard Disk : 50 MB of free disk space

Internet Explorer : Version 5 or later

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"This is really amazing video recovery software. It has recovered all my deleted avi files which was accidentally deleted and corrupted. It was really great using this software. Thanks to you guys. "

AVI Video Recovery

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AVI Files Missing:- Get an Easy Way to Restore it

It is really a great fun playing your favorite AVI videos files saved in your digital camera or camcorders. Digital camera captures high quality AVI videos and thus permits you to access it in a smooth manner, in the camera itself or by connecting the camera to the system. But in some adverse situation it happens that AVI files missing from its exact location and thus you becomes unable to access it. Here one will have to do AVI file recovery in order to regain accessibility on missing and lost videos.

Consider a situation in which you store several AVI videos files in the memory card of your digital camera. But when you try to access the videos, then you really gets shocked by seeing that the card is not showing the save videos. Here, also you get several annoying error messages which indicates the inaccessibility of the AVI videos files. Some of the common error messages are as such:-

  • Unable to play:file is missing or corrupt
  • AVI files missing
  • Unrecognized memory card
  • Memory card fails to read the videos
  • An internal error occurred while playing videos
  • The media card that has been inserted contain error
  • This card cannot be used error
  • Memory card not showing the files

In the case when AVI files gets missing or deleted, then you are not allowed to access the AVI files, no matter how hard you try. In this situation you need to recover AVI files only then you will be able to access it smoothly.

Why AVI Files Missing?

Generally MTS files gets missing when there is severe corruption issues in the memory card. It has been observed that the corrupted memory card gets unresponsive, fails to detect/read the save files and thus not show any save files or folders. Also some other factors like virus infection, mistakenly deletion of AVI files, file header corruption etc results in the aforesaid issue. If the AVI files are missing or not seen in the card, then its accessing is not possible until you recover it. You do not need to bother, as one can easily restore lost, missing and corrupted AVI files with the help of professional AVI recovery software. The software can recovers lost and deleted AVI files within few easy steps and thus make it easily accessible.

If your saved AVI files missing and you are unable to access it, then just use the recommended AVI recovery software which can easily recovers AVI files, so that you can access it without facing any problems.

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